HCIP - Cloud Services


This 10-day course aims to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding on: - How software architecture evolves, the ability to distinguish between various cloud service categories and cloud architecture design principles - Huawei Cloud compute product series and computing products based on application scenarios, - How to use Huawei Cloud compute products to build scalable services, - Enterprise application architecture, DevOps platforms on Huawei Cloud and their functions. - Mastering the use of EI services or solutions to meet customer business requirements. - Architecture and deployment plans of DeC and HCS Online.

  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Level: Professional
  • Technology: Cloud Services
  • Delivery Method: Instructor Led / VILT
  • Training Credits: Huawei Voucher

This course is suitable for:

- Cloud Architects

- Those wanting to pursue HCIP Cloud Service Solution Architect Certification

- HCIA-Cloud Service certification or attendance of the course

After completing this course, delegates should be able to:

- Describe IT industry trends

- Understand how software architecture evolves

- Distinguish between various cloud service categories

- Deploy and optimize cloud architecture

- Understand typical off-cloud design solutions

- Describe the Huawei Cloud solution architecture

This course should sufficiently prepare delegates to take the HCIP-Cloud Service Solution Architect certification exam #H13-821, which will validate the knowledge across the following areas: 

- Enterprise IT Evolution

- Cloud Architecture Analysis of Conventional Application

- Cloud Native Application Architecture

- Innovative Technologies in the Industry and Huawei Cloud Solutions

- Huawei Cloud Solutions

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- IT Industry Trend

- Application Architectures

- Huawei Cloud Services

- Huawei Cloud Practices

- Cloud Architecture Analysis of Conventional Applications

- Cloud Elastic Computing Solution Design

- Cloud HA Storage Solution Design

- Cloud-based High-Performance Network Architecture Design

- Cloud Database Solution Design

- Cloud Security Solution Design

- Case Study

- Containers and Cloud Native Technology

- Future Architecture Evolution Roadmap of Enterprise core services and Huawei Cloud Solution

- Huawei Cloud DevOPs Platform

- Big Data Overview and Huawei Cloud Solution

- AI Overview and Huawei Cloud Solution

- Blockchain Overview and Huawei Cloud Solution

- Huawei Cloud Smart Campus Solution

- Edge-Cloud Overview and Huawei Cloud Solution

- Huawei Dedicated Cloud and HCS Online Solution

- Huawei Cloud E-Commerce Solution