HCIA - Cloud Services

Course Code: HW-CLSER

This 5 day course aims to provide learners with the knowledge on Huawei’s Cloud service concepts and values, Huawei cloud service architecture and ecosystem, management and application of Huawei cloud computing services, storage services, network services, security services, management and monitoring services, relational databases, CDN & Cloud video services, and innovative application services.

  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Level: Associate
  • Technology: Cloud Services
  • Delivery Method: Instructor Led / VILT
  • Training Credits: Huawei Voucher

- Individuals interested in cloud technologies and want to become cloud service engineers. 

- Those wanting to pursue HCIA Cloud Services Certification


After completing this course, delegates should have a good command of:

- Cloud service concepts and values, Huawei public cloud architecture, and Huawei public cloud ecosystem.

- Computing cloud Service: Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Computing cloud Service - Auto Scaling (AS), Computing cloud Service - Image Management Service (IMS), Computing cloud Service - bare metal server, and Container.

- Storage cloud service: Elastic Volume Service (EVS), Storage cloud service - Object Storage Service (OBS), Storage cloud service - Scalable File Service (SFS), and Storage cloud service - Cloud Backup Service (CSBS).

- Network Cloud Service: Virtual Private Cloud, Network Cloud Service - Elastic Load Balance, Network Cloud Service - Virtual Private Network, Network Cloud Service - Direct Connect, and Network Cloud Service - Peering Connection.

- Manage and Deploy Cloud Service: IAM, Manage and Deploy Cloud Service - Cloud Eye, Manage and Deploy Cloud Service - CTS, and Manage and Deploy Cloud Service - LTS.

- The usage of RDS

- Cloud security services

- Huawei Cloud services - CDN & cloud video services.

- Huawei Cloud services - innovative application services.

- The enterprise CSHA architecture.

This course should sufficiently prepare delegates to take the HCIA-Cloud Services certification exam #H13-811, which will validate the knowledge across the following: 

- Concepts and Values of Cloud Services and Huawei Public Cloud Architecture and Ecosystem 

- Computing Cloud Service

- Storage Cloud Service

- Network Cloud Service

- Management and Deployment Services

- Huawei Cloud - Relational Database Service

- Huawei Cloud Service - Security Service

- Huawei Cloud Service - CDN & Cloud Video Service

- Huawei Cloud Service - Innovative Application Services

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- Cloud Computing Evolution

- Cloud Computing Overview

- Huawei Cloud Service Development and Strategy

- Huawei Cloud Key Service Capabilities

- Developer Center

- Huawei Cloud Marketplace

- Huawei Cloud Partner Network

- Elastic Cloud Server 

- Auto Scaling 

- Image Management Service 

- Bare Metal Server

- Container

- Elastic Volume Services

- Object Storage Services

- Scalable File Service

- Cloud Backup & Recovery

- Virtual Private Cloud

- Elastic Load Balance

- Virtual Private Network

- Direct Connect

- VPC Peering

- Identity and Access Management

- Cloud Eye

- Cloud Trace Services

- Log Tank Service

- Relational Database Service

- Security Services

- CDN Overview

- CDN Resources

- CDN Application Scenarios

- CDN Billing

- CDN Configuration Management

- Huawei Cloud Video Services

- IoT Cloud Services and Industry Applications

- Big Data Cloud Services and Industry Applications

- AI Cloud Services and Industry Applications