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Why Hire a #SheCanDoIT Candidate?

What is the #SheCanDoIT program?

Mecer Inter-Ed’s and Microsoft embarked on a mission to find and empower ten South African women in the tech field. These ladies went through a rigorous selection process, the aim of the selection criteria was to select the best candidates for a “once in a lifetime” learning opportunity. MIE and Microsoft were committed to investing in these ladies, enabling them with the required hardware and programs to complete their courses. They had the privilege to attend mentorship sessions with Samantha Ngindi and Olga-Lee Levy – two very inspirational ladies in tech.

Our in-house talent department invested in each lady, helping them set up a professional CV, and hosting interview workshops, to establish them for success in their new roles in the tech world of work. In February our ten lovely ladies embarked on a 100% sponsored learning journey. Focusing on women’s enablement the #SheCanDoIT Program trained and certified the selected candidates, between the ages of 23 – 28.

Our 10 ‘Cream of the Crop’ Ladies attended the 14-week Microsoft training and certification program focused on the following Job Roles, providing them with a solid foundation in Software Development, DevOps Tools and Practices, and Proficiency in Programming languages:

Junior Developer

Assist with the Development of Maintenance & Software Applications. Write. Code. Test Software. Design & Implement New Features.

Junior Azure Developer

Develop and deploy Cloud-based Solutions on the Microsoft Azure Platform. Design, Implement & Maintain Azure Solutions.

Junior DevOps Developer

Collaborate with Development & Ops Teams to design, build and deploy Software Applications and Infrastructure using DevOps methodologies.

Junior Cloud Practitioner

Utilize and Manage Microsoft Azure Cloud Services whilst monitoring Azure resources including performance, availability, and security. Collaborate with Senior Team Members to develop cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure services.

Their gratitude and absolute commitment to the program speaks volumes to the calibre of candidates that were selected. MIE believes in making a difference in the livelihood of young individuals that direly needed an opportunity and financial means to uplift and empower them to reach their true potential.

Our Candidates are now ready to enter the job market, and we know as a business owner; your company’s workforce is your single most important asset. We would like to afford you the opportunity to employ one of these internationally certified candidates.

Our proposal is a partnership in which we assist with the upliftment of women in IT, in a way that provides real individual assistance. This will benefit you as an employer as well as contribute to achieving general economic changes over the long term.

When employing one of these candidates you will afford these young ladies an opportunity to learn from experienced developers, take on new challenges and contribute to the success of your team and organisation.

Our Talent division will guide you through this process and assist you to find the ideal candidate to fit your culture without the associated exuberant costs!

What is included during the 14 Week #SheCanDoIT Cloud Development Training and Certification Program?

- Talent Acquisition, Screening & Interviews

- IKM Assessments, Logic Tests & Personality Tests

- Mentoring & Talent Management Days

- Interview Techniques

- Online presence – LinkedIn Training

- A Laptop and required Microsoft software.

Their Learning Journey included:

- Microsoft End User (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams)

- Introduction to Programming

- Programming in C#

- MS-AZ900T00: MS Azure Fundamentals

- MS-DP900T00: MS Azure Data Fundamentals

- Developing in Microsoft Azure

- MS-AZ-204T00 Certification: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, Level: Intermediate

- International Exam Included

- MS-AZ-400T00 Certification: Design and Implement Microsoft DevOps Solutions, Level: Advanced

- International Exam Included

How can this program benefit you?

MIE is addressing the growing need within organisations for the most in-demand skills associated with the current set of emerging technologies, namely application development, cybersecurity, cloud development, data analytics, software development and integration.

Employing one of these candidates you will incur significant cost-savings, as you do not have to delve into your own Training Budget to get the required skills or interrupt your Senior Resources to gain the latest Cloud Development skillset.

- Receive skilled Role-Based specific resources that have been trained by leading ICT industry experts, contributing to your business’s competitive edge.

- Make your migration to newer technologies easier.

- Fill skills gaps with trained & certified staff and increases your talent pool.

- Improve the supply and availability of niche ICT skills that are chronically needed.

- Promote the retention of scarce skills in the country.

Mecer Inter-Ed is a Born in the Cloud Learning Partner

Our learning solutions have been selectively designed around the modern-day, tech way of work. We are a fully automated, cloud-based learning partner, the first of its kind in SA. MIE is the Training Division and subsidiary of Mustek Ltd, and a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor.

At MIE we are continually working towards innovative solutions to assist communities to succeed in an ever-changing business environment.

Reach out to Natasha Nel (natashan@mecerintered.co.za) or Carlie Alberts (carliea@mecerintered.co.za) to book an interview with these candidates or to discuss your training and certification requirements.