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To make sure your learning initiative has the biggest business impact, consider the top benefits provided by Mecer Inter-Ed (MIE) as your Microsoft Learning Partner.

Digital transformation is ushering in a new era of digitally enabled, customer-facing products, services, and experiences in an environment of rapid change and uncertainty. To help people reach their career goals faster and to support organizations' digital transformation initiatives, IT leaders often leverage authorized Microsoft Learning Partners for their unique capabilities, certified training staff, and access to Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC). 

Microsoft Learning Partners provide customized, end-to-end training solutions

MIE has a consultative approach and provide a range of capabilities that go into building and executing an enterprise training initiative, including:

- Identifying learning and business objectives

We work with you to identify and focus the learning initiatives on your training requirements. 

MIE aligns our services to meet your specific business needs and then coordinate and deliver the resources that meet those objectives.

- Simplifying the learning initiative

Shifting the training burden to MIE, as your Learning Partner can be efficient. We will help align the curriculum, coordinate activities, and manage the learning outcomes for your organization.

Microsoft Learning Partners provide the scale, flexibility, and speed to meet your skilling needs

Whether your IT group is big or small, you want a partner that can scope and adapt learning programs to your organization’s needs—and do it fast. In other words, you want a partner with scale, flexibility, and speed. With these three qualities, Mecer Inter-Ed can help your organization:

- Move fast and stay focused

MIE can set up on-target learning initiatives on short notice, provide all the necessary resources, and make sure programs stay on track.

- Roll out global programs

If your organization needs learning solutions across time zones, work with MIE that has the scale to deploy programs wherever and whenever you need them.

- Adapt to business constraints

Your schedules, platforms, and people can change. MIE as your Learning Partner, has the flexibility to adapt our deliverables to your business constraints.

- Stay ahead of the tech

Not only do we keep up with evolving technology but also help you prepare for changing business requirements.

Microsoft Learning Partners provide value-added services that can help your skills development program succeed

MIE provides a variety of tools and approaches that are essential for supporting learners. These can include hands-on labs; a mix of self-paced and classroom training; custom content; role-based learning paths; mentoring and discussion groups; assessments before, during, and after the training; and help with certification prep and exams, if needed.

MIE can provide:

- Customized learning programs

MIE can use standard courses or paths for our enterprise customers or can customize the content or flow to make the learning program as relevant and applicable as possible to the target learners.

- Training delivery aligned to your requirements

MIE uses a variety of delivery models and blended experiences to maximize the impact of instruction and knowledge retention.

Microsoft Learning Partners provide high-quality training content and delivery. 

Quality training programs make a difference in helping organizations meet their digital transformation goals. In the IDC* study, quality means:

- Accurate, relevant content and overall training

MIE delivers training using Microsoft Official Courseware and can tailor courses to make the content even more relevant for your teams. MOC is designed with the help of Microsoft product engineers and experienced consultants, so you know you are getting accurate, up-to-date information.

- Instructor quality

MIE has a rigorous vetting and onboarding process for their instructors, who are Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), who have hands-on experience with the technologies and know how to help students succeed.

- Trusted certifications

Learners benefit from the validation that comes from industry-recognized certifications. Studying the certification content also keeps learners focused on the right skills, and the effort helps boost the success of the organizations’ learning initiatives.

Digital transformation efforts benefit from Microsoft Learning Partners

Across the organizations surveyed, IT leaders consistently pointed to Microsoft Learning Partners as a key to their success. When teams worked with a Learning Partner, they met their project milestones and improved their understanding of the technology infrastructure. Additionally, organizations were more satisfied overall with the outcomes and business impact of their learning initiatives. 

As your training partner and provider, MIE has four things in common with global Microsoft training providers: 

1. End-to-end solutions

2. Ability to scale

3. Flexibility

4. Speed 

Based on the above, MIE will meet your organization’s training requirements; value-added services for learners of all types; and high-quality content and instructors.

* Leveraging Microsoft Learning Partners for Innovation and Impact, IDC white paper, sponsored by Microsoft, doc #US47225021, January 2021.