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Solar power is one of the most widely used kinds of renewable energy as it has contributed to significant energy savings and is environmentally friendly. The perfect time to get engaged in the solar sector is now, as it is now undergoing enormous expansion on a global scale. With the correct skills, the energy sector, which makes up a considerable portion of our economy, may become a significant employer of labour.

At Mecer Inter-Ed, we offer a combination of classroom-based theory and hands-on learning to provide our students with the knowledge and understanding of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies, the design of PV solutions, best practices, and industry standards to adhere to when provisioning a PV Solution.

MIE is a proud founding member of the Association of Renewable Energy Practitioners (AREP) and a subscriber to their P4 Quality Assurance (QA) platform that aims to ensure that companies and individuals subscribing to the QA platform, do good quality work and through this commitment quality is assured.

What is the AREP P4 Quality Assurance program and why is it significant?

The P4 Quality Assurance program is frequently used to assess candidates' expertise and experience in the solar PV industry and to establish a standard for high-quality solar PV installations. The quality assurance platform aims to provide a way for end users to feel reassured of the level of competence and commitment of installers who subscribe to these platforms to deliver good quality products and services.

Our MIE solar photovoltaic course bundle not only includes the Solar PV Deployment Essentials (P4 Level 1), Solar PV design (practical-based learning) but it now includes the Advanced Solar PV Deployment (P4 Level 2), which offers advanced knowledge PV, system sizing & installation of PV, regulations & standards, advance calculations, lightning & lighting protection systems that will assist candidates to prepare and take the AREP P4 Level 2 exam.

What does it mean to be a P4 level 2 Solar PV Practitioner?

It indicates that the candidate has passed both the level 1 and level 2 tests and is fully recognized as a Solar PV Practitioner on the P4 platform. Candidates that have passed the Level 2 assessment can now apply for the P4 Registered Solar PV Practitioner card.

How do I (The Installer) benefit from being a P4 level 2 Solar PV Practitioner?

All solar PV installations can be listed in the P4 Installation Directory by Level 2 practitioners. They will be listed in the P4 Registered Practitioner Directory for the duration of their level 2 certificate's validity period. Following that, they must write an updated test. Customers will feel more certain and confident that the contractors are committed to quality because of this.

How does the customer benefit from choosing to work with a P4 level 2 Solar PV Practitioner?

Customer peace of mind, as Level 2 Practitioners have the essential knowledge to design and install solar systems in accordance with local standards and regulations.

Whether you are an organization that wants to create employment by venturing into the solar installation industry to render these services or an individual who wishes to learn more about the installation of PV and backup power systems to upskill themselves. MIE is the training partner for you, as our Solar courses are developed for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

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As electricity prices continue to rise, solar is becoming a more practical and cost-effective choice for South African enterprises and households. While there is an initial outlay cost, it is often recouped within five to eight years. That's a good internal rate of return (IRR), especially since solar energy is free after the initial payback period. As a result, solar PV provides enterprises and households with an appealing renewable energy solution and savings. Get Solar PV enabled today, contact us for more information - https://www.mecerintered.co.za/vendors/solar-skills