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Let’s have a look at the successful adoption of AI in companies. In 2024, the focus will shift from promising AI to proving it.

Organisations that have implemented generative AI are already reaping the benefits. In Microsoft’s current Work Trend Index, 70% of Microsoft Copilot users reported increased productivity and 68% reported improved work quality within three months. The most efficient users of Copilot have saved over 10 hours each month.

To achieve productivity benefits, firms must adopt a deliberate and systematic strategy to implementation. Becoming an AI-powered organisation doesn't happen overnight. 

Deploying and driving adoption of AI demands a unique strategy, as it differs from previous technologies. AI benefits organisations that tackle it thoughtfully and deliberately.

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Organize your data center

Copilot's power lies in its capacity to analyze and make sense of all the information and materials within your company, giving it the potential to provide customized, pertinent, and useful answers. As it instantly inherits your current security and data rights from Microsoft 365, it is crucial to establish strong data governance and content management procedures before roll-out starts.

When rolling out, be deliberate

– Assign the technology to complete teams working on a particular business function, such as sales or customer service. In this manner, they can impart knowledge and gain knowledge from one other, thereby amplifying the influence of technology.

– Reserve the remaining seats to a range of positions, including project managers, senior leaders, and IT administrators. Most seats should belong to non-executive staff, in our opinion.

– Establish specific goals for each team's utilization of the new technology, such as ‘reducing ticket volume’ in the customer support department. This will assist in directing staff members toward the most important company requirements.

Elect champions who will pave the way

AI evangelists are internal influencers; they demonstrate to coworkers and friends how Copilot may be useful in their daily job and encourage them to give it a try. Request that managers designate one team member who possesses exceptional user power as a spokesperson. These champions should then be given the authority to provide internal trainings, such as Copilot 101 for salespeople, and produce brief video demonstrations that have the potential to spread naturally throughout the organization.

What Can We Learn About Generative AI in the Workplace from Copilot's Early Users?

Microsoft launched Copilot for Microsoft 365 eight months ago, with the goal of lowering digital debt and boosting productivity so that individuals may concentrate on the job that makes them uniquely human. Right now, everyone is curious about whether and how generative AI will actually change the nature of work.

The increases in productivity are real, according to new statistics. In order to gain a thorough understanding of how Copilot is revolutionizing work—learning with and alongside our clients as we scale—we conducted research using a combination of surveys and experiments. People are already using Copilot to save time and be more creative and productive. 77% of early adopters stated they wouldn't want to resume working without it.  

And this is only the start. The true potential, as generative AI becomes more widely used in the workplace, is to improve organizational capacity in addition to individual productivity. Every person at Copilot learns how to write, design, code, analyze data, and more, setting a new standard in the process. Additionally, it enhances knowledge, elevating mediocre work to extraordinary.  

AI can transform your organisation, but only if you adopt it with intention and strategy. Experience immediate productivity, quality and creativity improvements and other benefits with Mecer Inter-Ed’s AI Training Solutions. 

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