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#SheCanDoIT - A Mecer Inter-Ed & Microsoft initiative to Empower Women in IT

Even though more women work in technology than ever before, they still only occupy a small percentage of ICT-related positions.

This brings forth the age-old question: is ICT still a man’s world?

Women have proven themselves worthy in all sectors and continue to thrive in their workplaces – so why is there noticeable gender inequality in the ever-growing emerging tech sector? Globally, more women are enrolled in tertiary education than men, so why do men outnumber women in skilled jobs?

The imbalance between men and women in the technology sector is unlikely to be remedied unless organizations, schools, and universities work together to change the perceptions about the tech industry and educate young women about the range of careers that are available and desirable in the technology world. In South Africa, the proportion of females to males who graduate with STEM-related degrees is out of kilter, and women are underrepresented in ICT and technology by a ratio of two to five.

When we are not limited, we thrive

Conventional notions of success are infused with traits that are implicitly associated with culture or gender. In reality, however, it is when authenticity and meaningful impact are encouraged and rewarded that businesses, communities, and society thrive. MIE and Microsoft are therefore committed to investing in programs that support equality – now and in the future. This is why we are launching the #SheCanDoIT campaign, which aims to bring a fresh approach and offer unique opportunities to women in the tech field. This campaign aims to bring more women into the tech fold – and since technology often offers high salary opportunities, the presence of these women in the technology industry can help reduce the overall gender gap.

#SheCanDoIT – let us help you gain the skills you need to transition into a new IT career

The #SheCanDoIT campaign will give ten South African ladies the opportunity to educate and empower themselves with an internationally accredited Microsoft certification.

The aim of this campaign is to evolve the ICT sector through the growth and enablement of women. Each lady will receive a laptop, Microsoft course and exam vouchers, mentorship sessions with dynamic female leaders in the ICT field, as well as step-by-step assistance from Mecer Inter-Ed’s qualified talent acquisition department. All of this will be provided to ensure these South African ladies are ready and equipped for their new careers in IT.

If you are a South African woman between the ages of 21 and 30, you are eligible to apply for this life-changing opportunity. If you’re passionate and curious and have the desire to learn about tech, this is your opportunity to change your life and redirect your future.

- You will need to apply via this link https://forms.office.com/r/dsp6bFbBg4 

- We will only choose applicants who meet the eligibility criteria

- Successful applicants will be required to complete at least one Microsoft certification course and exam

- As part of this initiative, you will receive a complimentary laptop sponsored by Mustek Ltd

- If you are chosen, you will get to meet inspiring female leaders in the ICT field

- You will receive step-by-step assistance from Mecer Inter-Ed’s qualified talent acquisition department

T’s & C’s and Eligibility Criteria Apply