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Mecer Inter-Ed offers Microsoft role-based training and certifications which empower organisations to unlock the capabilities of technology.

To stay competitive, companies need to adopt new technologies that drive innovations to help them better understand customers, empower employees, and optimise operations and costs. Such a powerful move can only be successful if it is supported by a team properly trained to take advantage of new tech capabilities. Taking capabilities that grow from existing technology and building entirely new ones is defined as “tech intensity” – and tech intensity, and the success it creates, is underwritten by a culture of learning. There is no other way for tech intensity to take root and thrive in a company. 

75% percent of business and technology decision-makers believe that harnessing tech intensity is the most effective way to build a competitive advantage today and into the future. It follows that the appropriate training and certifications are essential to ensure effective tech intensity in your company.

Understanding the roles needed:

Today, training employees to be deeply knowledgeable about a specific product is just one piece of the puzzle – and to address the fast pace of change in technology requires an overall understanding of the subject matter. For holistic training that meets the needs of the business, employers should look at the role-based skills their workforce needs to meet their business and technology goals. This way, their training and certification programs will drive department objectives - not just product knowledge.

Microsoft training and certification empowers organisations to unlock the capabilities of technology by keeping team members current with next-generation solutions and skills, and it enables technical professionals to learn in a style that fits them best. Microsoft’s role-based training and certifications can also advance employee talent and career growth while helping companies achieve their digital transformation goals. Furthermore, Microsoft Certifications meet industry and market needs by aligning training with job roles that are relevant for the industry. 

Mecer Inter-Ed’s offering:

Tech intensity creates skill intensity and Mecer Inter-Ed (MIE), as a Microsoft Learning partner, is here to help. Mecer Inter-Ed offers three types of certifications to meet the needs of individuals and organizations:

1. Fundamentals certifications which validate a foundational understanding of Microsoft technologies. 

2. Role-based certifications focus on solutions, not just products, to validate the technical skills required to perform industry job-roles on Microsoft platforms and technology. 

3. Specialty certifications validate deep technical skills and ability-managing industry solutions, including third-party solutions, on or with Microsoft platforms.