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Achieve your RPA professional certifications on the world’s #1 Intelligent Automation platform through Mecer Inter-Ed.

IT in Times of Critical Need

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to shift to remote operations. The role of the IT department to ensure a seamless connection to business applications and secure networks for remote works has been pushed to the forefront for most organizations. However, even though their responsibilities have increased, IT teams are seeing their budgets shrink and must maintain a high level of customer experience with fewer resources.

As a result of the pandemic, IT teams are experiencing:

– Acceleration and urgency of digital business/digital transformation initiatives

– Reduced IT budgets with growing demands to ensure security and enable a remote workforce

– Challenges in making data governance and management to a distributed workforce

Rising to the Challenge

CIOs are rapidly responding to the global economic challenge. With the help of intelligent automation, IT teams can:

– Thwart cybersecurity threats and ensure security to address challenges of a remote workforce

– Ensure business continuity by automating triaging of IT tickets that come in and routing them to appropriate queues

– Enforce data governance at scale by using RPA to clean data, standardize it, and creating or updating metadata

Robotic Process Automation Definition

RPA is a software technology that makes it easy for anyone to automate business tasks. With RPA, users create software robots, or “bots,” that can learn, emulate, and then execute rule-based business tasks and processes. RPA automation enables users to create bots by having them observe humans’ digital actions. In short, people show their bots what to do, then let them do the work. Automation Anywhere is the leader in RPA and the world's most widely-deployed intelligent automation platform

Intelligent Automation (IA) Definition

IA is a combination of RPA, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics technologies, which together can automate end-to-end business processes, and in turn, accelerate digital transformation

Get Certified, Get Ahead

Leading companies are investing in their employees, providing the training and workshops to acquire the skills they need to work with bots and even create their own digital assistants.

The demand for RPA and intelligent automation has never been greater, with many vocational opportunities available to qualified RPA professionals.