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Mecer Inter-Ed's Workforce of the Future

Hiring employees with skills and knowledge that complement your business, whilst being an ideal culture match, may prove a daunting task. Further to this, the critical shortage of digital and ICT skills and the lack of readily available digital talent pipelines in South Africa may very well be a fundamental challenge that your Organisation as a modern-day employer, may be faced with.

There is a critical and growing need for role-based skill sets that address modernized digital workplace demands.

The Workforce Solution

To address the devastating socio-economic effects that South Africa is facing due to high levels of youth unemployment, as it pertains to the ICT skills deficit and capacity utilization, Mecer Inter-Ed is heavily invested and has established itself as a reputable and strategic Workforce of the Future Enabler with various Microsoft stakeholders, Microsoft Partners, and Customers.

Mecer Inter-Ed’s Workforce of the Future Training and Certification Program drives demand-driven job creation for youth, with a focus on emergent Microsoft technologies that are high in demand across multiple industries while generating an employable pool of young talent. Our program focuses on upskilling 150 Postgraduates and Matriculants on the most in-demand roles of today namely Modern Work Desktop Technicians, Azure Cloud Developers, Data Analytics, Power Platform Developers and Azure Cloud Administrators. Traditional pathways are not necessarily addressing the market demand and there is widespread outsourcing and offshoring of digital jobs, coupled with unprecedented levels of unemployment in the country.

Our programme aims to address three interrelated problems:

1. Addressing the critical shortage of ICT resources with in-demand skills and practical workplace experience.

2. Generating employment opportunities for less experienced work-seekers by upskilling unemployed youth through industry-relevant training.

3. Overcoming the digital divide, with disparities in access to technology and digital literacy levels. Socioeconomic factors contribute to unequal access to IT resources, limiting opportunities for individuals in marginalized communities.

Youth Employability – The ‘Why Employ Them’ Factor

Not only can young skilled resources help you drive innovation by generating new initiatives, but the young generation also leans towards adaptability to change, and agility and they are hungry to learn something new. Mecer Inter-Ed follows a stringent recruitment process that includes the following screening mechanisms namely:

Risk Assessments, IKM Problem Solving Assessments, Java Logical Assessments for Developers, two sets of Interviews to measure aptitude and attitude, Student Presentations as well As Criminal Checks.

How do you acquire the right fit without the effort?

The 17-week Work readiness, Training and Certification journey, exam boot camps, additional practical and lab time and stipends during the learning phase are 100 % funded.

There is no need for the potential employer to delve into their training budget to acquire these skill sets.

How can you make a difference?

Mecer Inter-Ed is appealing to the public to assist with the absorption of these Candidates. Please reach out to us via this link: https://forms.office.com/r/u8PmTWd0yr and help make a difference. 

Employer Expectation

• A minimum salary of R 5 000 per Candidate is expected with proof of salary.

• A Fixed Term Contract for 12 months with an 80 % absorption rate

Upon request for an interview, we will engage directly with you and the candidate to obtain at least 3 potential interview slots. We thereafter coordinate between both parties to agree on a mutually suitable time/date and obtain any other relevant details that will ensure the interview process will be without challenges. After the interview has concluded, we are in contact with the candidate within 24 hours to obtain feedback on their Interview. This feedback is compiled and shared with you at a follow-up meeting scheduled to receive your feedback as well as establish the next steps.

No Placement fee is charged.

Contact us to Find Your Talent - workforce@mecerintered.co.za