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In pursuit of a world where all things are sensing, connected, and intelligent – Datacom connects the future. Organizations are posed with new requirements for networks and network architecture in their digital transformation journey to meet the demand for new network talent.

Train, Enable and Transform yourself with Huawei’s new Datacom certifications.

Datacom is short for Data Communication, which is Huawei’s upgraded version of their flagship Routing and Switching (R&S) certification series, to help you acquire the knowledge and capabilities required for the future of intelligent IP networks along the following areas. 

- Advanced technology: Huawei Datacom Certification includes knowledge about cutting-edge Datacom network technologies, such as SDN, VXLAN, SR/SRv6, and network programming and automation.

- Various fields: This certification covers various Datacom fields such as campus networks, WAN, and SD-WAN.

- Comprehensive capabilities: This certification focuses on how technologies can be applied to real-world scenarios. Certified professionals will be able to design, deploy, operate, maintain, and optimize networks.

- Practical skills: The project-oriented certification is developed with reference to the development trends of the Datacom network and the network construction needs of companies. As such, certified professionals will be able to meet industry needs.

The Huawei Datacom Certification levels:

HCIA–Datacom, which aims to develop network engineers with entry-level Datacom knowledge and skills.

HCIP–Datacom, designed for those who want to become senior engineers in the field of cross-domain solution planning and design, or single-domain planning and deployment.

The HCIP–Datacom certification has one core technical requirement: HCIP–Datacom Core Technology and six optional sub-directions:

1. HCIP–Datacom Advanced Routing & Switching Technology

2. HCIP–Datacom Campus Network Planning and Deployment

3. HCIP–Datacom WAN Planning and Deployment

4. HCIP–Datacom SD–WAN Planning and Deployment

5. HCIP–Datacom Enterprise Network Solution Design, and 

6. HCIP–Datacom Network Automation Developer

HCIE–Datacom, which aims to cultivate network experts with theoretical knowledge of solutions and the ability to deploy networks across domains.

Important details to take note of:

- All Huawei R&S certifications levels (HCIA, HCIP, or HCIE) and their corresponding exams will be retired on 30 June 2022.  

- If you have already embarked on your journey of acquiring Huawei’s R&S certification, ensure that any outstanding R&S certification series exam/s are concluded before 30 June 2022.

- You will still be issued with Huawei’s R&S certification after successfully completing the associated certification level exams before 30 June 2022.

- If you are new to Huawei certification and are planning to start your journey in getting Huawei R&S certified, you are advised to rather pursue Huawei’s new Datacom certification tracks.

- After the Routing & Switching certification goes offline (from 1 July 2022), the Routing & Switching certification that candidates have achieved, will automatically update to the certificate of the corresponding level for Datacom certification. 

- The certification validity period inherits the routing & switching validity period. 

- HCIA-Routing & Switching certification will be updated to HCIA-Datacom 

- HCIP-Routing & Switching certification will be updated to HCIP-Datacom Advanced Routing & Switching Technology certification

- HCIE-Routing & Switching will be updated to HCIE-Datacom certification

- A single HCIP R&S exam result of R&S will not be mapped to a Datacom certification, only certification will. This means if you passed only one, or two exams of HCIP-R&S, it would not be mapped to any Datacom exam or certification. 

- You will be required to pass the new Datacom certification exams from 1 July 2022.


Q: What are the advantages of Datacom certification over Routing & Switching certification?

Routing & Switching certification focuses on traditional routing and switching technologies and helps students understand routing and switching technologies. Datacom certification focuses on the application of datacom technologies in industry scenarios. It is a set of mature standards for cultivating talents in the datacom industry based on Huawei's successful experience in global datacom projects.

Q: How long is the validity period of the Datacom certificate?

The validity period of a certificate starts from the date when the certificate is issued. The validity period of HCIA-Datacom and HCIP-Datacom certificates is three years. The validity period of the HCIE-Datacom certificate is two years.

Q: What are the re-certification rules for Datacom certification?

Huawei's certification system covers two technical domains: ICT Infrastructure certification, Cloud Service & Platform certification. Before the certificate expires, the validity period of the certificate can be updated in any of the following three cases:

(1) Pass any exam of the current certification. The HCIP-Datacom recertification must pass the mandatory exam or any optional exam.

(2) Pass any exam of the higher-level certification in Datacom certification.

(3) Pass any exam of the same or higher level certification which from the ICT infrastructure certification.