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Business leaders and IT professionals are expected to have breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple technology domains to design, implement and manage modern technology infrastructure.

The technology revolution continues at pace across interconnectivity, collaboration, automation, big data and storage, network and cybersecurity, virtualisation, hyperavailability, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, cloud computing, datacentres, green energy, and application development, to name but a few. Business leaders and IT professionals are expected to have breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple technology domains to design, implement and manage modern technology infrastructure. These advanced technologies are rapidly being integrated into the operations of enterprises, into our daily lives and into new business models for our never-ending quest towards a digital economy, intelligent and sustainable world. 

Organisations, entrepreneurs and society at large wanting to thrive in a digital world of constant change and technology progression demands a skilled workforce that is enabled and capable, to meet the demands associated with deploying, operating and maintaining modern leading-edge infrastructure and emerging technologies. CEOs and decision-makers agree that talent development is their number-one need. “At Mecer Inter-Ed (MIE), we understand that the role of the ICT engineer is everchanging and that training or re-skilling of an individual is critical to driving business outcomes,” says Sean Evans, executive for business transformation solutions at MIE. He says the Mustek Group’s long-standing partnership with Huawei dovetails effectively with Mecer Inter-Ed’s Huawei Authorised Learning Partner (HALP) status and “our combined passion for talent development and ecosystem enablement has provided a solid foundation for the ICT industry to cultivate much-needed skills across our continent.” 

Huawei has a comprehensive technical certification programme that incorporates cutting-edge ICT trends and actively promotes the value of relevant, current talent. At a quick glance, the Huawei Certification programme has released 100 certification exams, covering 22 technical certification tracks that are aligned with their technology solutions. To meet the industry’s ever-growing demand for interdisciplinary skills, MIE has emerged as South Africa’s leading HALP and credible advisor – to train, enable and transform capabilities across Huawei’s ecosystem of channel partners and end customers.

Through innovative provisioning of education and enablement solutions, MIE provides customers with world-class Huawei-authorised training and certification solutions that combine theory with practice, across the following need based segments:

• Career Development: Early, mid-career and Channel Partner Enablement. Huawei Certification covers many industry domains, providing talent with clear career development pathways and is divided into three levels: Associate, Professional, and Expert — based on previous experience and technical requirements.

• Ongoing IT Management: Focused product and technology training that covers both the hardware and software components of Huawei ICT infrastructure and platform solutions, ranging from storage, intelligent computing, routing and switching, security, WLAN, cloud computing, cloud services, AI and IoT, to name a few.

• Technology Adoption: Sales and Presales training

“It remains our collective mission to bridge the digital divide among our youth in South Africa and to enable the next generation workforce to use digital tools with purpose and fluency, to drive organisational efficiencies and business outcomes for value realisation,” says Tracy Govender, operations executive. “Moreover, we strive to assist organisations and our country to unlock the full potential of their technology solution investments and human capital.”