NC: Energy Regulation Electrical NQF Level 5

NC: Energy Regulation Electrical NQF Level 5

This Qualification will provide broad knowledge, skills and values needed for learners who wish to pursue a career in the energy regulation field. Learners obtaining this qualification will be recognized on a national level for performing specific regulatory activities related to petroleum, piped gas and electricity industries. Learners achieving this qualification will be deployed in the country's energy regulation body. The purpose of this qualification is to introduce the regulatory framework that entails energy regulation in South Africa for three areas namely, petroleum, piped gas and electricity. It will also promote the understanding and correct interpretation of the energy legislation. A learner certified as competent in this qualification will be able to interpret and understand energy legislation and avoid common misunderstandings on how the legislation should be interpreted. The learner will also gain the necessary basic technical knowledge of the different energy industries in South Africa and how they need to be regulated.

  • SAQA Qualification ID: 66514
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • NQF Level: 5
  • Minimum Credits: 120

Demonstrate an understanding of the implications of the various energy related Acts.

Demonstrate an understanding of the energy regulatory principles.

Analyze and interpret developments in energy regulation.

Analyze and interpret energy regulation and how it can be used by the Regulatory Authority to carry out its function.

Range: Petroleum, Piped Gas and Electricity.

Demonstrate knowledge and application of infrastructure planning.

Demonstrate knowledge of tariff setting and third party access.  

This qualification addresses the need in the energy regulation industry for individuals with knowledge, skills and understanding to correctly interpret and apply the regulatory legislation within the three energy regulatory areas currently existing in South Africa namely, petroleum, piped gas and electricity. 

It is assumed that learners are already competent in: 

Communication at NQF Level 4.

Mathematics at NQF Level 4. 

Introduction to Wind Energy.

Wind Energy Project Planning and Financing.

Project Cost and Risk Management.

Renewable Energy Applications. 

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