GETC: General Technical Practice NQF Level 1

GETC: General Technical Practice NQF Level 1

All technical sectors require workers at a wide range of levels and this qualification will meet the needs of learners at entry levels as well as provide them with the knowledge and skills required for further learning. All of the NQF Level 2 technical and occupational qualifications assume some learning at NQF Level 1. This qualification formalises those assumptions. In doing so, it provides a range of qualifying learners with access to further learning at NQF Levels 2 and beyond in the fields or sub-disciplines of these technical sectors. As an example, in the Energy Sector, a career path can be followed in Electrical Engineering.

  • SAQA Qualification ID: 49753
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • NQF Level: 1
  • Minimum Credits: 130

Understand and adhere to safe working practices, select and use appropriate tools and equipment, follow instructions and use diagrammatic guides under supervision.

Work to acceptable standards, evaluate quality of own work and utilise efficient time management, study and self-management skills.

Describe and explain general business principles and practices at a basic level, understand common workplace processes and apply basic problem solving techniques within a defined context.

Describe and explain, the procedures, legislation and policies that govern a specific working environment and explain understanding of technologies applied in the energy environment, alternative forms of energy, energy efficiency and terminology.  

The qualification specifies the key skills, knowledge and values required to participate in learning processes within a formal work environment. While acquiring a strong core background to the world of work in a technical environment, the level of flexibility within the range of electives will allow the individual to pursue a career within any chosen field in the energy industry. 

It is assumed that learners are competent in the following:

Mathematical Literacy at ABET Level 3

Communication at ABET Level 3 

Apply basic fire fighting techniques

Demonstrate an understanding of contracts and their sources 

Practice environmental awareness

Identify, inspect, use, maintain and care for engineering hand tools

Apply basic concepts and principles in the natural sciences 

Select, use and care for power tools 

Process, analyse and communicate numerical data 

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